Dacryocele in an adult presenting as facial cellulitis
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Transnasal marsupialization
Facial cellulitis

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Kansakar, P., & Sundar, G. (2018). Dacryocele in an adult presenting as facial cellulitis. Grande Medical Journal, 1(1), 48-51. Retrieved from http://journal.grandehospital.com/index.php/GMJ/article/view/10


A 47-year-old male presented with left sided facial cellulitis of one-week duration associated with a painful mass over the left medial canthal area. On examination, there was a firm, tender mass below the medial canthal tendon. Computed tomography scan revealed a bulky, cystic lesion at the left inferomedial orbit and medial maxilla with bony remodeling suggestive of a chronic dacryocele.

The patient underwent marsupialization of the dacryocele at the inferior meatus with silicone tube intubation. His symptoms of epiphora resolved after surgery.

We describe a rare clinical presentation of dacryocele in an adult and its simple, yet effective treatment option.